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The podcast focuses on how new, innovative, HR/talent related insights and strategies will drive better business performance, raise the level of excellence of the worldwide human resource management profession.
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Oct 14, 2016

Talent 2.0

HR Transformation and the Evolving Role of CHROs

Welcome to the Talent Is Transforming Podcast – I’m you’re host Jennifer Ives SVP with Top Employers Institute and today I’ll be speaking with Louis Montgomery, Korn Ferry HR Executive Search Practice Leader about the changing role of chief human resources officers and their influence with CEOs and investors. The corporate world has many trusted advisors – those who direct business through influence - and one of the newest influencers is the chief human resources officer.

The world of HR and People has seen a dramatic shift in responsibilities over the last few years from practitioners focused on compliance and administrative tasks – operational and tactical – to strategic influencers focused on acquiring, engaging and retaining top talent to directly enhance the growth and future of a company.

People-focused leaders are increasingly looked upon by investors, CEO’s and others in the C-suite to provide innovative advice on how to contribute to the overall effectiveness and financial growth of an organization -- to better align talent management and talent development needs and drive financial performance in the process.

In this episode of the Talent is Transforming podcast, Louis Montgomery, who leads Korn Ferry’s HR Executive Search Practice for the mid-Atlantic and Southern regions, shares wisdom about this and other changes in the role of CHROs today and the evolving nature of HR/Talent leaders.

A persistent theme he’s witnessing first-hand is the idea of HR transformation and leadership’s effort to attract the right kind of talent. And once that talent is hired, is leadership doing enough to retain and develop said talent? These questions and pressing market conditions are forcing HR/Talent leaders to be more creative and innovative in not only how they hire people, but how they engage them.  As Louis states, “HR leaders [can] take this as an opportunity to delve into the bigger [business] challenge that the organization is trying to solve.”

Listen to more of Louis’ insights on the changing nature of HR/Talent leadership and what CEOs and investors are ultimately looking for in a chief human resources officer today on the Talent is Transforming podcast.

Sep 30, 2016

Why Leadership Development Matters?  Without strong leadership development programs, companies may be losing top talent

Let Top Employers Institute’s approach to talent give your HR team the advantage!

Executives overwhelmingly agree that the retention of talent can make or break a company, yet only a minority of those executives say they invest in leadership development programs. 

“Every organization has their own classification for leadership, but however they define it, at Top Employers, we are interested in what they do to ensure that their current leaders grow and that they have strategies in place to ensure that they develop their next generation of leaders.”

David Plink, CEO Top Employers Institute

The good news?  As Top Employers Institute CEO David Plink reports: “Globally, we’re seeing encouraging signs that companies are putting more resources toward leadership development. Organizational culture is shifting towards creating an environment in which leadership can develop and thrive -- and that begins by management clearly defining desired leadership skills, talents and capabilities.”

From a business perspective, executives at global top performers report that they’re laser-focused on two areas:

  • improving the quality of leadership development programs to directly increase their candidate pipeline, followed closely by
  • improving efforts to engage and retain current leaders. 

Definition: Leadership Development is any activity that improves or strengthens the quality of leadership within an individual or an organization.

The way we define leaders is changing.  With talent retention and succession planning top of mind, it is important for all businesses to nurture and develop their future leaders, enabling them to fully realize their potential in a sometimes complex and always evolving world. The future workforce will need to acquire new skills on a regular basis and will be performing many role yet to exist, so it is vital that Leadership Development programs help equip tomorrow’s leaders with the skills, capabilities, vision and perspective to help them succeed.

Jul 20, 2016

Johann Labuschagne Introduction & Leadership

I'm excited to share with you periodic insights, resources and announcements about the great work at Top-Employers Institute.

We've created a podcast series and myself and my colleague, Jennifer Ives, SVP, North America, TEI, will speak on subjects we're passionate about.  Sometimes we'll talk to "thought leaders in HR," sometimes we'll talk to each other about great HR measurement tactics, and sometimes we'll offer our own insights and information.

It is under the banner of the latter, above, that I will be talking with you today.

Please listen to my commentary, chime in, let me know what you think, and let's keep the conversation going.

Briefly, at Top Employers, our people are data geeks whose mission for 25 years has been to help organizations better develop their people, drive business performance and certify the best of the best as Top Employers.

We help leaders unwrap organization-wide HR data to more effectively identify where they’re succeeding AND where they have opportunities for growth.

We’re proud of the fact that this year alone over 1100 leading-edge organizations in more than 100 countries – including 40% of the top 50 Global Fortune 500 companies -  have earned the right to carry the Top Employers certification seal.

In essence, our insights help highlight the contribution people – an organization’s number one resource – make to the business, so that leadership can make objectively informed decisions on ways to align their HR strategies with their business strategy to drive business performance.

Join me and Jennifer for the Talent Is Transforming podcast, and another insightful program about innovation, leadership, new technology, and strategy, to help guide your organization toward a future of performance. At Top Employers Institute, our motto is to Develop. Always.

Jul 19, 2016

Talent Is Transforming Podcast, Interview: DHL Laurie Colasanti

Whether you’re an established, worldwide brand or just starting to expand globally, recruiting and engaging a talented workforce can get tricky when you have employees in many different locations. It can be challenging to inspire employees while trying to attract new customers to solidify your market share. To increase your chances for success, use these human resource strategies to engage, unify and align your workforce around the globe:  on board smart, and win at your culture.

We will answer those questions and more, in our Talent Is Transforming interview with Laurie Colasanti.  Laurie Colasanti is Vice President, Human Resources for DHL Express Americas. During the span of her 24-year career, Laurie has led all aspects of Human Resources, including HR business partner, labor relations, training, organization development, and shared services functions in both division and corporate level roles. She is currently based at the DHL Corporate Office in Plantation and is part of the DHL Express Americas and U.S. Management Board.

Jul 15, 2016


New research shows better business performance, as measured by higher stock prices, faster revenue growth and more favorable perception of employer brand, is correlated with both company-wide certification of HR practices by Top Employers Institute and certification of individual professionals by HR Certification Institute.

Better business performance, as measured by higher stock prices, faster revenue growth and more favorable perception of companies’ employer brand, is correlated both with company-wide certification of HR best practices and with the employment of a proportion of HR-certified professionals according to new research conducted by Top Employers Institute

According to David Plink, CEO, Top Employers, “Our findings build on previous research to deliver the clear message that exceptional human resource management – from applying HR best practices to the competencies of the HR professionals who design and implement them – can demonstrably and positively contribute to the bottom line.”

The Talent Is Transforming Show, hosted by Jennifer Ives, focuses on how new, innovative, HR, talent related insights and strategies will drive better business performance, raise the level of excellence of the worldwide human resource management professional, and transform talent.

Jun 11, 2016


Today we are talking about top employers, our history, our research, our data, insights, all the work that we do all around the world with almost 40% of the top 50 global Fortune 500 companies. It's an astounding statistic and one we're very proud of. At Top Employers, we are people data geeks, and we love to help companies and those executives that are running companies. We love to help them develop their people and drive business performance in the process: 

At Talent is Transforming, we'll be hosting a lot of these kinds of conversations about leading business performance and how it validates HR practices, because we have a great deal of global data and insights to share. Thank you for listening, and if you like what we're talking about and you like the podcast, please find us on iTunes and LinkedIn and join the conversation.

Jun 1, 2016

Talent Is Transforming Podcast: Interview with Millennial Generation Expert, Gabrielle Bosche

Welcome to the Talent Is Transforming Podcast, I’m your host, Jennifer Ives, SVP, Top Employer Institute, North America.  My guest today is Gabrielle Jackson Bosche.  Certainly many of you in the HR community know Gabrielle Jackson Bosche from her work on the subject of understanding, hiring, motivating and leading the millennial generation.  Grabrielle is an author of 3 books on the subject of millennials, and is President and Millennial Strategist of Millennial Solution.  Gabrielle’s newest book is titled, “5 Millennial Myths."

In this segment of Talent Is Transforming Podcast we’ll talk to Gabrielle, who’s business, Millennial Solution is based on translating the world of millennials “for everybody else,” and as she refers to them “the Yelp generation.”  Another quote I found said, “She demystifies millennials to the rest of us dinosaurs"

As always, here on Talent Is Transforming Podcast we’ll focus on how new, innovative, HR related insights and strategies can drive better business performance, raise the level of excellence of the worldwide human resource management profession.  

Gabrielle’s books and her business model exemplify this work, and along with her excellent books, which we’ll link to, I think you’ll find this show to be a great conversation, and one I think you’ll find eye opening, as I have.

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